Hopeful Heart Necklace - Natural Stone/Rose Gold Color

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This piece is called "Hopeful Heart" not only because it was the first jewelry piece made for DYB (find "DYB" on the chain's emblem to remind you to Do Your Best), but also because 20% of the proceeds benefits the Hope Mountain Foundation, which is working to recover and restore hope in children who have been rescued from online sexual exploitation. 

Material: Green stone.

Note: Each of these necklaces is unique, due to the natural state of the stone.

Necklace Length: 17-inch, with an adjustable chain.

This piece is EXCLUSIVE to Dybsom.com.

Contribution: 20% of net proceeds from the purchase of this piece goes to Hope Mountain Foundation. Find out more about this foundation at https://hope-mountain.org, and thank you for your support.