Giving Back


DYB (DO YOUR BEST) was created as a hub to not only bring positive-minded products/gifts into the lives of its customers, but to also raise proceeds for worthy causes.

Cause 1: Valley Children's Hospital

Up to 20% of net proceeds from products purchased from DYB benefits the Valley Children's Hospital in Madera, CA.

Valley Children's offers comprehensive care to more than 1.3 million children aged from before birth to age 21 in a twelve-county service area. It has a medical staff of more than 650 physicians and 3,400 staff to offer care and treatment for the most common of health issues to the most complex. 

For more information about this life-saving organization, please visit their website:



  1. The first half of 2019's Buy One Give One event is happening right now, with teddy bears being delivered during the summer (when donations are needed the most)! Check out the current status by visiting our Buy One Give One Collection page:

For information on this event and past ones, visit our Blog page at:


Cause 2: Hope Mountain Foundation

Twenty percent of proceeds from the purchase of products in the "For Hope" Collection benefits the Hope Mountain Foundation.  This foundation aims to transform the lives of children rescued from online sexual exploitation in Cebu City, Philippines.  Refuge provided at the Hope Mountain Center will resemble home-like environments so that the children can feel safe to hope, heal and restore their lives back to just being a child again.

The "For Hope" Collection can be found here:

For more information on the Hope Mountain Foundation, please visit the following: 

Instagram: @hopemountainph


For any further information, please feel free to contact us at

Thank you for your support!

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