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DYB (DO YOUR BEST) was created to bring positive-minded products to you and your loved ones, and to also raise proceeds for the following causes.


Growing up in the Central Valley of California, I would always hear of the Valley Children's Hospital through radio campaigns or see the paper cut-out hands hung up in stores after community members have donated.

My first-hand experience with Valley Children's, though, was when my newborn son needed to be resuscitated and sent to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in Madera for the first few days of his life. (He's now healthy and thriving!)

Out of gratitude for this foundation and for what they do every hour of every single day* for children and young adults within the local area, I wanted to give back to the foundation.  That's why up to 20% of net proceeds from your purchases benefits the Valley Children's Healthcare Foundation.

(*Valley Children's offers comprehensive care to more than 1.3 million children aged from before birth to age 21 in a twelve-county service area. It has a medical staff of more than 650 physicians and 3,400 staff to offer care and treatment for the most common of health issues to the most complex. 

For more information about this life-saving organization, please visit their website:



In addition to monetary donations, DYB also holds a BOGO: Buy One | Give One Program, where a Stuffed Animal is set aside for a Valley Children's patient each time a stuffed animal is purchased from our store.

Check out the current giving status by visiting our Buy One Give One (BOGO) page at


I met the loving, sweet Ellisa Rough at my last place of employment before she and her husband Steve retired to help a cause they were passionate about. That passion turned into the Hope Mountain Foundation, which aims to transform the lives of children rescued from online sexual exploitation in Cebu City, Philippines. Refuge provided at the Hope Mountain Center resembles a home-like environment so that the children can feel safe to hope, heal and restore their lives back to just being a child again.

After hearing what Ellisa and Steve were doing through Hope Mountain Foundation, I couldn't NOT want to help. This is why twenty percent of proceeds from the purchase of products in the #HelpBuildHope Collection benefits the mission of the Hope Mountain Foundation. 

This Collection of products can be found at: 
And for more information on the Hope Mountain Foundation, please visit the following: 



2019 Picture of Ellisa Rough on top of Hope Mountain (a private location in Cebu, Philippines), in front of the first house under construction, thanks to the support of the Yosemite Church congregation of Merced/Atwater and others.


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Thank you for your support!

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