BUY ONE | GIVE ONE Collection

DYB holds its Buy One Give One campaign year-around for Valley Children's Hospital

With each purchase of a stuffed animal in the Buy One Give One Collection, a separate stuffed animal is set aside for a patient at Valley Children's in Madera, California.

Thank you for making this possible and check below for the donation status.

2020 Campaign | 53 Donated Stuffed Animals Raised
Donation date: Friday, December 3, 2021 (The Donation Date had to be postponed due to limited space at the Child Life Dept and Covid-related restrictions)

2022-2023 Campaign | 96 Giraffe Huggers Raised
Donation date: Saturday, December 22, 2023

2024 Campaign | 14 Giraffe Huggers Raised (as of 4/18/2024)

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