Resin Bangle Bracelet With Real Flowers

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Wear what you love! This unique bracelet features real flowers -- add it to your jewelry collection or gift this to a loved one. These bracelets are made to bring you joy each time they're worn. ♡

Showcasing real, hand-cut flowers, bracelet Styles #1 through #8 also have real wood accenting the flowers. Bracelet Styles #9 and #10 showcase the flowers on their own (without wood accents).

(Numbers listed on the bracelets shown are to indicate the different Style Number. Numbers will not be present on the ordered items.)

Dimensions: 3 1/4" W. x 1" H. | Inner diameter: 2.5"

Material: flowers, resin and wood (when applicable)

Giving Back: 15% of net proceeds from this purchase benefits the Valley Children's Healthcare Foundation in Madera, California -- Thank you! For mor information, please visit our Giving Back page at