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Launch Day

Hey All!

Today's the day that DYB (Do Your Best) is launching its website at!  And I have about 30 minutes to get this down on the blog before it already becomes "tomorrow" over on the East Coast.  It's been a few months in the making in acquiring all the necessities to starting a businesses (though I still need to get a computer...ha) and in selecting positive-minded products.  And since this is a self-funded businesses, I had to limit myself in what I chose to bring together on this site for you all, but I feel that there are some great items here for you!  I'd love to hear from you on which pieces you'd like to see more of.

Now I'm going to make a declaration, because once I have this down for anyone to see, then I will be held accountable for taking the action to making it happen.  And my declaration is that I want to make this a site, a hub, for positive products that will help you manifest good vibes at your home, place of businesses, at the gym...wherever the day takes you!

Eventually I'm going to get products on here that some of you may heard of, like PuraVida, All Across Africa, Life Is Good, and other brands that have the same set of values/goals that I envision aligning myself (and you) with.  So if you know of similar type of brands, give me the heads up!

Plus, partial proceeds from all sales are going towards worthy causes, starting with Valley Children's Hospital of Madera, California.  So thank you for your support, take a look around the shop, and I look forward to starting this journey with you!  Have a great one!  Love, Jenny

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