Stuffed Animals - Summer BOGO Campaign

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This campaign is now closed, with donations delivered to Valley Children's on August 10th.  Thank you to everyone for giving back to the patients! Check out our Blog about the August 10th's delivery and stay tuned for the Holiday BOGO Campaign!

It's summer! Did you know that in-kind donations to Valley Children's Hospital go down in summer months? Let's fix that with another BOGO (Buy One | GIVE One) campaign event!

Every purchase of any stuffed animal from this page guarantees that a recovering patient at Valley Children's Hospital receives a Wee Bears Giraffe; bringing comfort and love to a child who needs it most. 

Want to give without receiving?
If you'd like to solely donate a bear without purchasing one for yourself, you can now do that! Simply select "Donating" from the drop-down, enter quantity amount and proceed to checkout. While there, click Free Shipping (The option of "Free shipping" is for local pickup of orders and for donations only) and donations will be delivered.

Check below for the progress of donations, and for more information on Valley Children's, please visit our Giving Back page.

Wee Bears [TM]: All are approximately 8" H. | For Ages 3 & Up 
Flat-A-Pats: All "Flat-A-Pats" are approximately 18" H. | 100% Polyester/Knit | For Ages Newborn & Up | Eyes are sewn on and not plastic.


DONATION PROGRESS = 64/100 Donations Reached as of 8/10/18. Thank you!

This campaign was open from May 29th, 2018, through July 31st, 2018. Donations will be delivered to Valley Children's Hospital in Madera on August 10, 2018.